The Midnight Twins

At age 13 Merry and Mally had experienced almost being murdered and fighting a bad guy all while dealing with boy problems. The Midnight Twins, by Jacquelyn Mitchard, is about two twins, Merry and Mally. Mally can see the future and Merry can see the past. In order to over come evil the twins have to learn to trust each other, which was difficult. One of the obstacles the girls had to over come was stopping Merrys friends brother, David, from killing animals by using their abilities to find out where this was occurring. This leads them to follow him to a construction site where they save a girl but almost die. This book had a wonderful structure and a realistic fantasy genre. There is always something exciting happening. The recurring theme of good versus evil and the ability to relate to this book along with the structure and genre of the Midnight Twins is what made this book very entertaining.

the reacuring battle of good versus evil made The Midnight Twins such an enjoyable book. If the twins aren??™t in a roaring fire they??™re stopping the neighborhood boy who murders animals. Merry and Mally represent good in this story while David represents evil. Alex, one of the girls friends lso represents good, while his boss represents evil. An examle of good versus evil is when Merry and Mally were baby-sitting their cousins, David sets off fireworks all around the house then throws a fire starter on the top of the house, this caused Merry to get a scar and gain the ability to see the past. This book had plenty of emotions mixed into this book. There were scary parts, such as when Mary is almost killed by David. There were sad parts such as, David dying when he misses his footing trying to kill Mary. There were happy parts such as when the twins friend Alex saves them from another confrontation with death, when David tries to run them over with a bulldozer. In this book there was never a dull moment. The unexpected obstacles that that the girls faced made the structure entertaining. The authors exciting story line and creative writing style really complimented the realistic fantasy genre.

Although the story was very realistic it also had a fantasy element, which made it more entertaining. I found this book to be easily agreeable because both of the main girls are my age. The girls also both baby-sat, and one is a small cheerleader. This book was enjoyable because it gave an incite to different relationship problems such as friend, sibling and romantic.Another great element in this story was in addition to the girls problems they had life threatening obstacles to overcome. The girls have premonitions and they sometimes get help from ancestors spirits. I also liked that the author gave an explanation for these premonitions. Finally, the book was a balance of real life and fantasy. The author doesn??™t let the book become a documentary of 2 girls lives, and its not just a magic story.

The wonderful structure and realistic fantasy genre of The Midnight Twins, along with the recurring theme of good versus evil made the book a very action packed story. the genre of this book was obvious because of the girls life style. There was never a dull moment in this story, and it was very difficult to put down.All the characters in this story were interesting and complex, because of who they were it added to the complexity of the storys genre and structure. The twins both complimented each others personalities, Merry has a loud personality while Mally had a quiet personality. Throughout the book there is a constant theme of good versus evil. I would recommend this to anyone.

Merry and Mally were born in 2 different years, even though there twins. Merrys best friends older brother, David, likes killing things. then he buries them. Mally and merry see premonitions but when there in a fire, set by David, Merry gets a scar from touching a door nob. she starts seeing the past and only Mally can see the future. they can also talk to each other without being near each other.When Mally sees David killing a dog in a vision she trys to convince Merry what he is going to do but she doesnt believe her untill the dog is dead. they decide they will keep him from killing anything or one else so they follow him. they always prevent him frm killing 2 girls but by then he is mad. He scares Merry out of their house when shes home alone and he tryes to kill her. when she jumps from a ledge he loses his footing trying to see her he falls from a tall ledge and dies. Merys grandmothers diseased twins spirit saves her.

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