The Power of Music

In society today con often pose to be therapy for people going through a hard time. In my life music can serve as a distraction from problems, unless it possesses some meaning to a situation that is going on. The song Heaven (Little by Little) by Theory of a Deadman talks about the pain of losing something or someone. It helped me to see that the pain and confusion of losing someone is hard to go through, but there are people that can help you through it. There is never a right time for anything bad to happen, but it is inevitable and the timing may not be good, but you have to learn to roll with the punches. With each day that passes I find myself wishing that the people I love were here, only to quickly realize that we are more than miles apart. With each day that passes, I can only come to find myself wishing that life was back to the simple place it used to be when I was a kid, only to later realize that those were two very different times. Songs such as ones like this pose as a way out of a problem, and provide inspiration for me to move on in life.
The song Heaven (Little by Little) is reflective and mellow. It looks on what life is like and what good there was to remember, and forget all the bad. There is a certain calmness to the song that sooths and makes you forget the bad. It calms the anger or sadness that comes from losing something. It allows for clarity and some distance from the problem. In listening to the song I learned that it is the good memories that are worth keeping, while the bad ones drag you into the darkness. In looking back in life remembering the good times that I had and holding onto those thoughts allow for life to continue. Every memory that is carried around should bear meaning to it and be worth remembering. The song makes it feel like it is okay to remember and miss something or someone, but there is a time to move on. The song gives advice on what to do when dealing with difficult times, and helps to move on in life.
In listening to the song one of the major themes can that can be seen is strength. In tough situations strength can only be seen in how well I could hold it together. ??? You got me through the days/ when I though I couldn??™t face it/??¦ you??™ll get stronger,??? reminded me of how my little cousin during the death of my grandfather told me it was not strength in muscles that mattered, but rather the strength of your heart and your mind. She told me that over time it would be easier to be strong, and that all the pain would go away eventually. Life is already extremely hard already, but if I were to just sit back and let it eat away at me, than how I am supposed to be an example of strength for those younger than me. The lines in the song inspired me to stay strong not only for me, but for others around me. In getting over the pain faster than others, allowed for me to help others get to the same place. It takes strength for someone in pain to hold on for you, but it takes even more strength to let that same person go, but it doesn??™t mean that you loved them any less.
The song taught me that by letting someone go does not mean that you love them any less as a person; it means that you loved them enough to have wanted what was best for them. In one line of the song it says ???the love we have you can??™t replace??? and I know that no matter what comes along and who I say that I love, will never be able to replace my love for my family. The love that I have for my family is unconditional love; it is something that can not be replaced by an object, or a fling. No matter how far the distance is between us, be it heaven or earth my love will always be there to conquer the distance and control the pain. No matter what type of pain it is, love can always make it go away, whether it is a simple hug to make you forget something that hurts, or taking a person out of their misery, it is only for the well being of that person. Even when times are hard, love just sees the good there is to be seen.
When the world gives you lemons make lemonade, but unless you add sugar it is going to be sour. There is always something good to come out of the bad. If you see something as always bad then you just have to remember the good time and the situation is no longer so bad. ???There??™s a little piece of heaven/ Right where you are??? shows that in the tough situations there is always a piece of heaven to be seen. In my life my uncle was my angel right smack in the middle of hell. Although we were in a hospital he would power through the pain to make sure that everyone else was taken care of. So selfless all the time it didn??™t matter that he was not the same person that he was before, he just cared that all his younger siblings were well taken care of. To see that although he was in the worst situation ever and made the best out of it was more of a lesson, than I could have ever learned from a text book.
It is through the simplest things that I have learned the most. Through this song, I have found my way back to a somewhat normal life. Through the beat I have found my way to calmness, and through the lyrics I have found the inspiration and the motivation to move on. The power is a showcase of strength, and love, lessons, and optimism. To have gone through so much and listen to a song like Heaven (little by Little) makes me start to think that the world has something good in it, and it is not all bad. With each word that is spoken makes each day easier to go through. Music is the best therapy there is to drown out a problem or to help to make a person feel better.

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