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Essay I am applying for admission into Robert O. Anderson School of Business for the spring of 2002. It has been my intention since my senior year in high school to pursue a degree in business. I would like a degree in business to help me plan and attain my long-range career goals.

Which are to provide me with valuable information, which will help me make good personal financial decisions and for the overall education it would provide me. At this point in my life I am considering becoming a Commercial Real Estate Broker so that I can work with my father and eventually take over the family business of land development and commercial management. With the world?s current financial environment it seems to me that now more than ever, good financial decisions at a young age are going to be critical.

I intend to make those decisions based on the education I will receive at the University of New Mexico. Both my parents graduated with degrees from Robert O. Anderson and have both used those degrees to build businesses here in Albuquerque and I would like to do the same. [-Z]


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