Plan your future

Plan your future,;;,

Admission When I look back on my first year of high school and exactly what type of person and student I was, I find myself somewhat filled with regret and yet somehow thankful. I am regretful in the fact that I threw away opportunity, but I am thankful because I learned a lesson first hand on taking life seriously. I have realized that cannot continue to do only what is best for the now, but I must also do what is best for my future.

As a student, I took everything for granted. My intelligence has been fed to me by a silver spoon. I did not thank God for my ability to not have to study, but just pay attention in class. Although I breezed through tests that had others sweating blood, I did not even make the first effort on homework or semester projects that counted as twenty percent of my grade. I was to busy worrying about the senior guys to even start thinking about my senior year.

I was slowly losing my grip on reality and what it would really take to insure a promising future. Now I am a completely contrary student and person. I have matured a great deal and I have since amplified my wisdom after that year. I am now an extremely focused person with set goals. When I am faced with a project, I take it head on and make sure of its success. I have a set and balanced schedule and I do not allow myself to put trivial things in front of what is really important. The goal of my high school career is no longer inexistent.

I have put much effort in overcoming the foolishness of my freshman year and getting into an honored and accredited school such as the University of Georgia. As for myself, I believe high school has been like a race. And although I did not start the race strong, in the end I have prevailed. [-Z]

The Red Tree

The red tree
By Blake Farrow.
Miss Bailey??™s class.

The ???Red Tree??™ is an award winning picture book. Written and illustrated by Shaun Tan. The story is told with simple sentences, but the dominant illustrations are complex and dark, they reveal more of the topic of ???belonging??™. Then the words do.
The definition of belonging is to be a part of a family or group, and to fit in, the opposite of belonging is to not belong which is exclusion and alienation.
The cover of this book presents the author ???Shaun Tan??™ and the title ???The Red Tree??™. This is an ambiguous picture. The motif in the book is on the front of the cover which is a red leaf; the cover of the book brings a feeling of loneliness, or ???not belonging??? so this idea is bought into the book starting at the front cover. The girl is on a lake in what seems to be a paper hat. She is looking down at the red leaf. She seems to be floating aimlessly, away from people, away from anything. Giving more of a feeling of not belonging.
The girl in this picture book is characterised, which is developed through her words for each picture, they are narrated by the girl in the book; she appears throughout out the book to be conserved, depressed, bored and alone. Her personality seems to be quiet and distant.
There are two dominant images before the book actually starts; I think it is trying to strongly reinforce the idea of not belonging, and trying to belong. The first picture in the book is of the only character in the book which is a red headed girl, with pale gray skin. She is holding a horn which has words flowing out of it onto the next picture. She is in a dark field, in the background there are gold coloured fields and soft looking mountains. Whereas I think the picture on the back of the first picture is a contrasting picture of where she wants to be just not physically but mentally. It seems to be in the gold fields with an odd looking grandfather clock that has the motif of the book included in the clock. It is replacing the 12 number on a clock and is almost striking it. I think the red leaf throughout this book is there too interest the reader, an make them think outside the box as to what the meaning of it is, to me it symbolises her longing to belong in this world, even if at the start it does seem like a hopeless adventure.
I think that this book introduces the idea of that we move in and out of belonging to groups and families etc. We aren??™t born into belonging somewhere we adapt to it, and as people change around you as well as you change. Meaning you aren??™t born into belonging somewhere you adapt. In this book she is going on a journey to try and belong, to find her way. There are a few quotes the reinforce the idea of not belonging ???nobody understands??? you can??™t belong if you??™re not understood; this picture is over the girl at the very dull rocky beach. In a bottle with a huge mask over her face. The mood created in this picture hopelessness, she physically can??™t get out of the bottle. It??™s dark and gloomy. I think the feeling is enforced with the two words on the page which is ???nobody understands???, you can??™t belong without being understood.
???Wonderful things are passing you by??? coupled by a picture of a window with the girls sad face at the bottom of it, out the window is a wonderful looking flying thing, I think this picture represents the idea of restrictions in our minds can stop us from belonging. And that we only belong willingly. And she is missing out on these things because she has not found where to belong.
The main thing I think is used in this book is empathy; we all feel for this girl, we all can put ourselves into her shoes. Because everyone does want to belong, its basic human nature too want to belong to something. This makes it a lot easier for the audience too relate and empathise with her.

Growth is practice

Growth is practice

What Is An Internship My name is Demondre` Rodgers and I will be discussing what is an internship. Well, an internship is an advanced student or graduate in a professional field gaining supervised practical experience. Also it can be a student gaining the skills and competencies they need to become an excellent employee, a perfect way to understand and maintain knowledge of the corporate world, or maybe just get a foot in the door to the career they always wanted. An internship can build the skills and competencies a person need to become a successful employee.

In the corporate world there is no way to be able to survive if a person cannot build the foundation needed to maintain some skills in order to keep up with the rate and speed at which technology is moving. Also what comes along with having the skills of the corporate world is having the opportunity to make yourself more employable, and market yourself at a better rate. Which brings me to say that when a person feels they have enough skills to get the job and get the job done well, they are building an understanding and gaining knowledge of what the corporate world is looking for. The understanding and knowledge of an internship can be very important. First of all a person has to know what the company is looking for. After he or she finds that out and feels he or she meets the criteria they are asking for, call and ask for an interview.

Not only will a person get the job, but will get the hands on experience the corporate world demands. Getting an internship can also be a foot in the door of the career a person always wanted. There are many ways to view an internship, but one of the ways to view it can be as a lead way to the career they always wanted. Or someone can view an internship as an answer to the question they always wanted to know. I want to know is this career something I want to do Many people get in a situation where the feel they want something that?s not right for them. By getting an internship, they will be able to know and can answer the question that may haunt them. Overall, an internship can build the skills and competencies the corporate world is looking for, get a person the understanding and knowledge of the corporate world, and become the lead way they always wanted.

Therefore an internship is very important and can be useful in many ways than one. Whenever the possibility arise when there is an internship available, be certain that I would like to have it and get the experience that I need to keep up with the technology and corporate status that is right for me.[-Z]

The Red Tree

The picture book ???The Red Tree??? written and illustrated by Shaun Tan published in the year 2001 presents a fragmented journey of a girl through a dark and frightening world..? The Red Tree? follows the a lonely red-headed girl through her daily life; stating how she feels and depicting her dark, gloomy concerns. The visual image I have chosen provides an excellent portrayal of depression and the effects of isolation. The illustrator uses various visual techniques to portray the consequences of not belonging on the individual.
The participant in The Red Tree is positioned in the forefront of the image and is the only person in the frame therefore making her the most salient feature which in turn emphasizes her loneliness. She is shown to be wearing a weighty diving mask, huddled in a glass bottle on a stormy shoreline. The image is supported by just two words ???Nobody Understands??? which stresses feelings of sadness and sorrow. She??™s alone and stuck, so small in such a huge world feeling alienated and isolated.
The illustrator uses colour connotation effectively by using obscure colours to convey the insecure, gloomy feeling underlining the mood of the girl and her surroundings. The use of the black in the background conjures the darkness in which the girl is in, creating a sense of coldness. It signifies how sad and depressed she feels highlighting the loss and confusion which are the results of not belonging. Tan contrasts the darkness of the black with a smokey mixture of white and dark blue on the horizon creating the sense of a distant light, perhaps a solution or a way out from her problems, somewhere she can belong. It can also portray how far she is from the horizon and the reality of her barrier, the bottle. The girls is located in an arid and unfriendly environment showing that that depending on the environment a sense of belonging or not belonging is created..
The bottle relates to a cliche ???bottle up your feelings???. Visually, it acts as a physical barrier which stops her from telling and showing her feelings. The bottle itself is an extreme metaphor displaying the impossibility of getting out of this situation displaying the difficulty of her situation and how not belonging has created a barrier difficult to overcome.
The girl is wearing an old helmet which is clearly oversized in proportion to her body; this portrays the weight as a burden on her thoughts and highlights her fragility. The size of the girl in the bottle depicts she feels small ??“ like she can??™t be herself and show her feelings. Instead she bottles herself up. The helmet is placed over her head covering her face, making her unable to express and share her feelings. The girl??™s posture with her slumped back and head declined clearly convey the depression, inferiority, self-degradation and shame all suggesting poor self-esteem.
The two words Tan uses to sum up this picture are ???Nobody Understands???. The clever use of these words demonstrates and supports all the ideas that are visually displayed. The word ???Nobody??? has a negative connotation referring to the fact that she has none to belong to that ???understands??? her feelings. This highlights that for belonging to occur, understanding is required between individuals.
I have come to understand that not belonging has devastating effects on an individual. In the visual image the colors, posture, environment all highlighted the harsh effects of not belonging. The individual wages an internal battle with himself as portrayed in this visual image. His self-esteem is distorted because ???nobody understands??™. To me belonging was more of a physical concept, that people belonged to each other because of physical/social reasons, however this image has engraved the concept of belonging emotionally belonging due to an understanding between individuals which comforts and reassures them that they are always there for each other.

Tiny Sunbirds

Tiny Sunbirds“?Tiny Sunbirds?Christie Watson,?Tiny Sunbirds,Christie Watson?

The author Christie Watson is considered to be a writer who writes with compassion and attaches importance to the the unexpected power of love. Therefore, one of her most popular works, Tiny Sunbirds, Far Away shows us readers vivid characters through the story. Blessing, a twelve year old girl whose father abandons her, her brother and her mother, moves from a comfortable house to rural Nigeria where her grandparents live. At first, she felt very uncomfortable and depressed because of the poor conditions of the new home. However, she gradually finds her happiness when she becomes an assistance of her grandmother, a midwife. In the following part of the book, unexpectedly, this family begins to harvest their new and better future with their own efforts.

After reading this book, the first word that comes into my mind is hope. No matter how tough condition we are in now, we can™t give up hope. The story of Blessing sounds really sad. Her father has an affair with another woman and thus asks them to leave home, which puts Blessing, her brother and her mother in a really pathetic condition. What is worse is the new home where they are going to live, lack of electricity and even lack of sanitary water. Her mother lost her job because she is unmarried and her brother is doing worse in schoolwork. It seems that everything can™t be worse. However, as the old saying goes, When God closes a door,he opens a window. Blessing™s grandmother is a wise and kind person, who helps her find her happiness. To some extent, Blessing™s grandmother is a guide to Blessing, because she shows a new world to Blessing and leads Blessing into a new future.

On the other hand, I think that the female characters in this book are very absorbing for they are fearless and brave in front of difficulties. For example, Blessing™s mother, who is poorly abandoned by her husband, is still brave to raise her two children on her own and continue her life though it is obvious to be hard one. In the book, she said No mother and daughter live apart, no matter how big the distance between them. She is such a strong woman that she can accept any coming difficulties. As for Blessing, she is also a really poor little girl. She is supposed to live as happily as she did when her family was still complete. However, she firstly suffers from bad conditions in her grandparents™ home and then begins her assistance midwife career only when she is only thirteen years old. Luckily, it is a job in which she is interested. Though those female characters seem to be marginalized under that cultural and social background, it can be said that they dominate the whole story, which makes the story much more moving and attractive.

All in all, I believe that Christie Watson attempts to deliver something positive to readers through this book , which includes two aspects. Firstly, every cloud has a silver lining. Whenever we are stuck in a tough condition, we should never lose our hope. As long as the hope exists, there is a way out. Secondly, be strong and brave even when faced with intractable problems, since even the women presented in the book can get over the straitened circumstances in their life. Last but not least, life is not easy and fair to everyone, and there is no way to avoid meeting difficulties, so we have no choice but confront them, with hope and without fear. -w


The Red Tree by Shaun Tan Techniques

Name: The Red Tree Published: Shaun Tan Text type: Picture Book Year: 2001

???The Red Tree??™ illustrated and written by Shaun Tan is a picture book which is based on a variety of images and statements inspired by the experience of depression. The main Character is a lonely red-headed girl, who remains un named through the book, experiencing a lack of belonging to herself and connection to the world, causing to have the effect of alienation upon herself. Tan uses many techniques in conveying this deep meaningful piece towards the audience, helping to engage the viewer to become aware of those who don??™t have a safe place in the world in which we live in today.

A lack of belonging ones self can create negative perceptions of the world.
– Use of symbolism created through dramatic images, depicting the girl??™s emotions.
– Reputation of a red autumn leaf, symbolising the little hope she has in the world, camouflaged in each picture painting.
– Title page best describes her emotional inner self, as we are viewed with the red-headed girl slouching carelessly over a paper hat, floating in the middle of the water.
– The paper hat floating in water, with words written all over it, to express how she truly feels, floating towards an orange leaf.
– The use of juxtaposition used through black leaves surrounding the hat boat, contrasted towards the lonely red leaf, showing that the girl sees more negative than positives in the world, over ruling the hope which she has of feeling belonged.
– First page of the story we are shown with the red-headed girl sitting up in bed, surrounded with a few black leaves symbolising the negativity which she has that the day started.
– Also been expressed through the use of tone ???sometimes the day begins with nothing to look forward to???.
– shown through the image that the girl forces isolation within herself, due to the door wide shut, and the blinds on the window closed, trying to create a barrier from letting anyone in, symbolic through the dull bleak colours of her room, towards her emotional self.
– techniques are often contradicted through the alarm clock sitting beside her bed, indicating that she is running out of time, and that she wants to find belonging.
– framed red leaf directly above her bed, showing that she treasures each moment of hope within her life.
– The next page through the book shows that the black leaves over power her empty lost room, forcing her to leave the room, indicating that negatives often push you to work harder in life.
– The painted image ???nobody understands??? shows the viewer of the red-headed girl trapped in a bottle, symbolic of a barrier to open up to the world.
– The girl wears a gas mask in the picture showing us that she is slowly suffocating, and scared of how the world perceives her image, by hiding her face.
– The stormy weather, symbolic of how she feels, fills up the bottle which she lays in, symbolising drowning in her own tears.
– the horizon of the picture, is clear with white clouds and bright blue skies showing that there is still hope and life, but she is not able to reach it, due to being stuck in the bottle.
– repetition of the word ???and wait??™ and the constant tally marks, tells the reader that she has wanted belonging for a long time and still hasn??™t been able to reach the satisfactory level.
– Tally marks done on top of a large snail, shows that it is a slow process, shown also through the snail going around in circles, backing up the statement ???but nothing ever happens???.
– ???wonderful things passing you by???, shown with the red-headed girl looking out the window, which uses the technique of salience, with a padlock shutting the window with the word ???regret??™ engraved on it. This creates a meaning that the girl wishes to open up to the world, but she can??™t due to feeling regret for everything which lays inside her. This creates a barrier in helping her to feel a sense of belonging within herself and the world.
– The use of bright, happy colours, and text, soon used through the technique of juxtaposition with the next page of ???terrible fates are inevitable??? which shows dark red colours.
– this page shows the a board game and dice, symbolising that you need to take one step at a time, to get closer to feeling belonged and developing a sense of identity. It shows that you need to take chances in order to receive what is needed, shown through the dice, and the steps of good and bad, on the border of the picture.
– ???Sometimes you just don??™t know what you are supposed to do??? shown with the red-headed girl on stage, not belonging with anything else, as she feels out of place. She is on stage in a clown costume through irony making a ???joke??™ of herself.
-???or who you are meant to be??? as the red-headed girl draws herself on a wall, facing backward, instead of revealing her face, showing that she is ashamed and doesn??™t have a developed sense of identity within herself.
– ???and the day seems to end the way it began??? suggesting no improvement or hope noticed throughout the day, having poor self-confidence been revealed, as she believes there is no chance of survival in the life she lives in.
– second last page revels the red-headed girl going back into her plain dull bedroom. As she opens the door, a light shines in, directing the viewer??™s eyes towards the salience of a red stem plant in the direct middle of her room. ???But suddenly there it is right in front of you, bright vivid and quietly waiting???
– the last page of the book shows the red-headed girl looking up towards a large red tree, symbolising that there is hope, and that she shouldn??™t give up no matter what.
– We also notice that she is comfortable in leaving the door open with the light shining though, as she builds up the confidence, motivating herself to see a sense of belonging within herself.

Without a belief in one??™s self it is difficult to establish a connection to the environment

– ???darkness overcomes you??? showing that the girl is always in the shadows, symbolising a large fish overhanging her body image. Those around her, contrasting them to be in the light, not noticing this large fish.
– symbolic meaning towards the fish, is that we kill fish all around the world, not taking in great amounts of thought of the harm or feelings it may have, as seen through the large fish eyes crying.
– The red-headed girl has the opportunity to seek help, but she feels worthless, deciding to shadow herself towards the world, creating a barrier of developing a connection within herself and others which through relationship can cause a connection through place.
– The bottle in ???nobody understands??? traps the red-headed girl from reaching the clear blue skies, as she decides to be stuck in a barrier due to her lack of trust in herself.
– ???Without sense or reason??? shows a clattered amount of images which the world views as values in different parts of the world. The red-headed girl looks up each ladder to find a sense of belonging in each place, but finds no connection.
– The world??™s values are fake, as they don??™t support any emotion when being created. This is why the red-headed girl finds it difficult to see any connection
– We are shown different language writing on each place, showing that this doesn??™t only occur in one place, but it is of the whole world. It also shows that people find these values more important, choosing to fulfil them, rather than helping those like the red-headed girl, feeling displaced in the world.
– The building are showing with faces on them, also indicating that we treat these values as people, caring for these values, when there is no emotional or true meaning within them.
– Plain Red and yellows used to tell the audience that its all the same values which we care for and that there is nothing interesting, nor different about them.
– ???Then all your troubles come at once??? This picture shows the red-headed girl in a small boat, been attacked from all angles as two large boats are about to crash in between her, due to a title wave. This is symbolic that she is scared to find a place of belonging in the environment, as she feels attacked and threatened from all angles.
– She also feels isolated that she will not have anyone with her, as people have high statuses. This is seen through the desert image of ???or where you are??? as she is of the lowest status, sitting down on the bottom of a hill, next to large hills and mountains, symbolising popularity and power, creating an understanding that she feels un important in the world.
– We are shown that she doesn??™t feel a sense of belonging within the world, but her own room, as she has difficulties in leaving it, and when she returns back home, she is presented with a big red tree, symbolising hope, and to not give up. This helps motivate her to find the sense of belonging within the world.
– The red-headed girl feels safe and secure within her room, as she is not judged by others, letting her to express her true identity. This is also shown through the leaf which follows her, where she feels secluded to do what she wants want??™s and who she wants to be, till the end of the book, where a tree full of these leaves shows that she is not limited.
– In the first and second page of the book, Every morning she struggles to get out of bed, but the dead leaves push her out, symbolising that she needs to get out of bed and search for a sense of belonging, in order to retrieve the satisfaction of the healthy red tree once again. This can also be hope and satisfaction of survival of the world due to having depression.

The Truth of Verbal Overshadowing

;”The Truth of Verbal Overshadowing“?,?Jonathan Schooler ? Engstler-Schooler,


At this essay, we have analyzed and researched the Cognitive Linguistics and Cognitive Psychology ,especially review the theory of Verbal Overshadowing Effect(VOE) by Jonathan Schooler and Engstler-Schooler.So,what are the researching by them?How to review them?What can we find after researching?What will it look like in the future?


First, we have discussed and analyzed the existence of Verbal Overshadowing Effect(VOE),especially explain what VOE means by Jonathan Schooler and Engstler-Schooler;Then,analyzed and researched the influencing factors of VOE,these factors are :time factor,types of verbal descriptions,language description,focus on the task of speech description,distraction task after verbal description,presentation sequence and selection method of recognition tests and individual difference influence,etc..At last ,we analyzed and researched the Cognitive Psychology and Verbal Overshadowing Effect.We can understand how cognitive psychology is, in what kind of position, and where it is brought to us by the study of the previous problems, achievements and theories. As in most psychology, cognitive psychology is largely a cross disciplinary subject, and our learning subjects will be selected from the a lot of other disciplines.


Looking ahead ,verbal overshadowing cognitive psychology will close connected with cognitive linguistics and neurophysiology. After knowing the overshadowing in the psychology principle, we can better explain peoples daily lives in a variety of verbal and non-verbal phenomena, we can guide people to know the truth behind the verbal overshadowing.

Future work:

The psychology is more and more wonderful.So,what will the verbal overshadowing effect look like in the future?Let us have a deepening research,especially the cognitive linguistics and neurophysiology.-w


The Reconstruction Era


After the reconstruction era, the United States began to transform into an industrial nation. Between 1865 a 1900 there was a rapid change from agriculture to an industrial. There were many revolutions that occurred that allowed the U.S to industrialize. The U.S had many natural resources and a huge group of employer for the factories and mines. Though there were benefits, they were outnumbered by the societal effects.

The United States contained a vast amount of natural resources that industry depended on in the 1800s. That included water copper tin coal iron and copper. This meant that the American companies did not have to trade or import them from other countries and could obtain them cheaply. The construction of the railroad helped to accelrate industrialiation. The railroads assisted in carrying back the resources from mountains of the American west to factories, over the years the miles of railroads increased making it easier to gain more access to natural resources needed.

The workforce during the industrialization process benefited the rapid growth of industrialization. Millions of Americans left their farms to work in factories and mines. Also, there was a flood of immigrants coming into American due to the open door policy and the population almost tripled in size. This provided industry with a large workforce and created a greater demand for the consumer goods that factories produced. Factories had the help they needed to increases their production and furthering demand for industrial products.

Tough there were many benefits of industrialism, the effects that it had on society outweighed them. The government was laissez faire and had no regulations. Children had to work in factories that were toxic and unsafe. They worked for long hours and received a low pay in return. Older slower workers got paid less for the same number of hours as everyone else. They were forced to lifestyle that they didn??™t want.

Overall industrialization grew rapidly than any other country. They had natural resources and a population growth that assisted. Thought there were many benefits, society had to comply with unreasonable working conditions.

Education Forum

Education Forum“?5?28

On the morning of May 28, “the success of the maple leaf education practice and enlightenment to Chinas basic education reform” as the theme of the second annual maple leaf education   forum was successfully held in Wuhan maple leaf education park, academic lecture hall.

This forum sponsored by Wuhan east lake new technology development zone culture education sports bureau, Wuhan maple leaf education park to undertake, in collaboration with  Central China Normal University culture research center. Common under the background of economic globalization is discussed the future development direction of education, explores the basic education internationalization and local practice path of success, and studied the maple leaf education model for Chinas basic education internationalization provides a new train of thought, the new choice and the new direction.

Wang Xiaolong director , praised the school only 8 years of Wuhan maple leaf education has become the optical valley of shiny card, hope that through this forum, integrating the advantages, accumulate more consensus for Chinas basic education reform, to provide more new ideas, new options, and new direction; Yuan Qingchen headmaster introduced 2014-2015 academic year as the maple leaves people across and harvests .The chairman Dr Ren Shuliang won the 2014 year the Chinese government, “friendship” Wuhan maple leaf international school was awarded with elementary and middle schools in Wuhan city title, etc.; Zeng Qinghong President affirmed the maple leaf education 20 years of successful practice, put forward more maple leaf education can in theory and practice two level service the hope of elementary education reform in China.

Central China normal university school culture research center, director of Hubei new civilian education dean, Mr Speech emphatically from the Angle of the active implementation of the third party education evaluation, expounds how to promote education innovation and maple leaf brand construction.  The researcher Ran Tiexing with members of the group discussion said: “…  Maple leaf education is an effective form of third-party assessment.  Center China Normal University and Hubei culture research center Xinmin joint education institute and other academic institutions …” Expressed his appreciation of the maple leaf education system.

In the end, the ministry of education, deputy director of secondary school principals training center, East China Normal University, associate professor, department of education, master tutor, Dr Pedagogy Ms liu was invited as the the speech maple leaf, why Chinas education become a legend . She wants the maple leaf education especially in the development of Wuhan maple leaf is getting better and better, become China and the world leading foundation education reform, to bring attention to the impact of the education of the people more shock! -w


The Really Valuable Experiences in My Life

Life-Long Learning:
The Really Valuable Experiences in My Life

Ramphis Alamo

Professor Osayimwense Osa

July 9, 2006

Life-Long Learning:
The Really Valuable Experiences in My Life
I have many experiences in life that molded my character and enriched all the values that my parents instilled on me. I have three particular experiences that I would like to share with everybody. In the following paper I will share my experiences, starting from my childhood, early twenties and present. When I was a child my parents introduced me to scouting. I had no idea of what it consisted of or even of the impact that it will make in my life. While being a member of the Cub Scouts, I participated on many events through out my entire childhood and teen age years. The Cub Scouts thought me many traits, responsibility and how to be a team player. Unfortunately, the program had an aged limit. I had to leave it at the age of 18, but not before giving me the will to look for something similar or bigger. I wanted to do something that will occupy my time to benefit not only the children but society. Looking for another organization or something big to belong to I became a sport instructor at one of the most prestigious sport campuses in Puerto Rico. Today this sport complex is called ???Ciudad Deportiva Roberto Clemente??? (Roberto Clemente Sport City). Years later I decide it to be part of something even bigger, to serve my country. The military gave me another life time experience, two one year tour in a country of need, Iraq. This experiences has profound my values, character and expectations of life.
My parents have contributed enormously to the person that I am today and my fundamentals. At the age of seven I was introduced to a local Cub Scout troop in Puerto Rico. Scouting is a family program full of fun and adventure. This program is designed to build character and to instilled values to young boys. Cub Scouting embraces the values of citizenship, compassion, cooperation, courage, faith, health and fitness, honesty, perseverance, positive attitude, resourcefulness, respect, and responsibility. While having fun my parents ingeniously used this program to reinforce all the values that they wanted me to have. WOW! At a young age scouting gave me a sense of personal achievement. The Cub Scout has a rank structure and an award system. When you start the program you get the Tiger Cub rank from there and through out personal achievement you can obtain the Wolf Cub Scout, the Bear Cub Scout and finally the Webelos Scout rank. You can also receive other awards like the World Conservation Award, and the Emergency Preparedness Award among others. These awards are designed to account for your achievements as a Cub Scout. At the age of ten I became a Boy Scout. In this program you continue building your character while actively participating in your community without the close supervision of your parents. One of the activities was to go camping. Camping takes you on exciting adventures while giving you the perfect opportunity to appreciate the outdoors and it teaches you how to protect our environment. During my years in the Boy Scouts I participated in many day, resident, and family camps. As a Boy Scout we did many community projects, always benefiting the local community. The more you accomplished the higher you expectations grew. I was always looking for ways to give or improve the local community. I was always involved in area beautification projects, visiting orphan and elderly homes, and participating on money campaigns for in need organizations. I was very fortunate to have parents that show me the right and the wrong way at a young age. This is one of the experiences in my life that contributed to the person that I am today. Unfortunately the Scouting program only last for so long, but the roots that you developed will follow you for the rest of your life.
At the age of eighteen and with years of Scouting as a part of my life I became a sport instructor for low income kids in one of the most prestigious sport complex in Puerto Rico. During this time of my life I felt part of one of the greatest baseball player dream. I was part of a professional staff of people, who??™s solemnly job was to keep Roberto Clementes??™ dream alive. His dream was to create a sport complex facility where low income kids could grow through sportsmanship. You might ask??¦ Who is Roberto Clemente Roberto Clemente was from my hometown Carolina. He was the first Puerto Rican to achieve baseball stardom. He played 18 seasons with the Pittsburg Pirates. During his time as a major league baseball player Clemente won four National Leagues bating tittles. Bob as he was known in the United States was awarded 12 Gold Gloves and was selected as the 1966 National League and the 1971 World Series MVP. Clemente was also the 11th major league player to record 3,000 hits. Roberto Clemente died in a plane crash in December 31, 1972, while in route to deliver aid and food supplies to victims of an earthquake in Nicaragua. Bobs??™ dream was and still is a reality. At the age of 18 I was part of the team that provided sport instruction to low income kids in a safe and healthy environment. I will never forget the day, when one of my peers had an 8 year old kid that brought a gun to the sport complex. Everybody wanted to expel him from the sport program because of his action. I persuaded everybody into giving him a second chance. After all this is what this program was all about, a second chance. Even though he was not old enough to be in my group, the staff agreed that he be with me at all times and for me to take full responsibility. Why not He just brought a gun to our work place. I just could not let them put him out and let him be part of the street reality. It took the social worker and me about 4 to 5 weeks to start seeing some improvement on his behavior. He was the product of the reality and his personal experiences in life. In my mind he was just lacking that foundation that my parents gave me. A couple of months later he was a kid again. He started playing and contributing to the team with positive actions. I guess my strong character and determination paid off. I was able to turn his life around and at the end of the first year all the instructors loved him and saw changes in his grades and personality. I always believe that God places us in situations where we can make a difference and I saw this as my opportunity to give back to society.
A few years later, after my father died I did not know what was out there for me in life. I made the biggest decision in my life. I decided to join the United States Army. Not only did I not speak English at the time, but I was leaving my entire family and friends. This was the first time I was leaving my comfort zone. I was leaving my town and moving to a different city. Along with many other changes I would have to adapt to a different culture and lifestyle. This was not only a big decision, but also the biggest challenge yet for me. One thing is for sure, I have been blessed to have had my parents prepared me for anything in life. During my years in the military I have been through many things but when I went to Iraq for the first time in 2003, I realized that I could make this life experience a good one or a bad one. There were many challenges just having to take care of my troops and myself. Everything was hard, and there was no easy task. What I saw in Iraq was far from what I had experienced, and prepared for. There are no words to describe how the Iraqi children lived. Every where you looked, you saw children and adults begging for food and water. In my mind Iraq was supposed to be a rich country full of petroleum and rich people. To my surprise Iraq was and still is a country in need, and a country with no rules. I can testify that there were families living in cardboard little shacks. The Iraqi people have been leaving through destruction, hunger and humiliation for generations. Once again I found myself in a place where I could again try to make a difference. I know that today, Iraq still is a dangerous place but also a place that has been through a lot of changes. The satisfaction of been there and help those that appreciated our presence is priceless. I used to seat down at night and think about everything that they need and everything that we have. In America you have options, if you do not like what mom cooked you can always go down the street and buy yourself a meal. Well, there I was in a country with golden palaces, lots of money but poor at the same time. I remembered that every time I went outside the wire (outside our secured area) I packed extra water and food to give away. My last tour in 2006 was a different experience. I saw a country that is moving forward. There is no doubt in my mind that Iraqi streets are still dangerous, but little by little we are all (United Nations) making a difference. Once again I have to thank God for letting me live these experiences and for giving me the opportunity to contribute to make this world a better place to live in.
Early in life we start living the experiences that are going to define who we are. I had the opportunity to live many experiences in life. I started with a foundation of morals, values and attitude. Scouting, work ethics and the chances of life have giving me the opportunity to grow to be a better person. It is through out the course of our existence that we encounter situations and make decisions that will follow us forever. After all, life is an ongoing process.
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